If you haven’t yet heard, MU Blockchain is hosting the Virtual Blockchain Conference!

MU Blockchain worked hard to put together the Cincinnati Blockchain Implementations Conference, an exposition of how the distributed ledger technology revolution is impacting the economy and work forces of Midwest America. The developments in public health and safety that have led so many to shutter business operation have motivated our team to innovate through the obstacles placed by the current pandemic.

Speaking Organizations at the Virtual Blockchain Conference

The Virtual Blockchain Conference, being hosted from April 23rd to April 25th, is an exposition of how different industries are adapting to and implementing blockchain. Focused on real-world, commercial services relying on blockchain, the Virtual Blockchain Conference is bringing in industry professionals for finance, government, supply chain logistics, healthcare, social impact, and digital currencies. Representatives from Deloitte, Accenture, ConsenSys, IBM, major banks like JP Morgan Chase and Co. will be presenting to attendees throughout our three day conference.

The Virtual Blockchain Conference is powered by two technologies: Zoom, and Whova! Each session will be hosted in a 1000 person Zoom Webinar room. Ticket-holders will soon be given access to our Whova event group, where all conference logistics take place. Agendas, profiles, and links to Zoom sessions are accessed through the app. To offset a lack of physical engagement, Whova will act as a social network for attendees to network on during the event! Ticket-holders can build their profiles and request to communicate with any other profile in the Virtual Blockchain Conference Whova group. Recordings of the event will be accessible online after the conference for all on our Whova network!

Professionals can register by purchasing a ticket through our Eventbrite! Tickets can be bought on Eventbrite directly or through an integration on our website. We are donating 50% of proceeds to assist the COVID-19 response, as detailed in our previous post! If you are an active student using an email address with a .edu domain, you can register for a free student ticket! Be prepared to verify the your status as a student- as an academic initiative, it is important that MU Blockchain help stimulate higher education interest in blockchain!

The past month has seen dozens of online blockchain conferences pop up. Compare the Virtual Blockchain Conference agenda to other current digital conferences; few are as focused on real-world blockchain implementations as the Virtual Blockchain Conference. Compare our If you want to hear about how legislators, bankers, and top corporate executives are currently innovating, join us on April 23rd to April 25th to explore real blockchain implementations!

Blockchain Initiative of Miami University in Ohio!